You have a magnetic, mystifying and alluring version of you lying just beneath the surface. It vibrates underneath your skin yearning to be set free, and only you have the key to unleashing the infinite woman within you!


The Art of Allure and Beauty is a journal and guide for women everywhere to encourage


  • Exploration of self
  • Trusting in self and your intuition
  • Journal exercises to exude beauty and self-assurance
  • Sensuality
  • Attraction and so much more!


Many of us go through our lives believing that where we were born and the families and communities we were born in to determine who we can be. That mastering the art of allure, self-assurance, and beauty are concepts only reserved for a select lucky few, and if you want to join the ranks of that few, then there must be something outside of yourself that you must change.

Let me tell you the truth. You are a living capsule of immense energy and power and learning how to wield and utilize that unique power within is your human birthright. When we can learn to embrace our personal brands of beauty and cultivate ourselves to harness our unique energy signatures that leave others in awe, we begin our journey of self-fulfillment and embodying all that we can be. We stand firm in our allure and beauty.


The Art of Allure and Beauty (Paperback Version)