Dive into a whimsical web of stories, heart throbbing adventure, and soul blackening fantasy with yours truly, A'alia Zealous! If you like the dark and mysterious and the questionably strange you've already surrendered to the shadows that lurk on this site.

Get lost in a world of books, mischievous wonder and peculiar expression. You won't be able to resist entangling in the alluring web of worlds, it's too late to deny the feasting of the White Spider!

If you've come to find redemption...you're too late.

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— Cathy McClelland, Customer

Your book..."Creative Genius In Progress" is wonderful... I'll be ordering more copies to give as gifts.  Keep making the world more beautiful with your "inspiring" message...

I haven’t had the time to get into it how I want to, but how cute is this!!! Support A'alia Zealous's book!!! How cool is it that she’s out here writing whole books!!!!

— Kysha Muhammad, Customer

About to get my read on with Aalia Zealous!

— Tanya Dorsey, Customer