Royal Jelly


In the land of milk and honey, there can only be one.


Old. Weak.

The unspoken words of my subjects echo loud and clear. They believe it’s time for my reign to come to an end, and in a world like this, that means death. But I’m not ready to give up my crown…not if I can help it.


When Queen Nasira must uphold the tradition of raising an heir, with the help of three Sages, she adopts ten baby girls. All of them born on a day deemed to be blessed by the Universe.


As the nursemaids file into the castle under the cover of night, each one shivering from the cold and carrying a small noisy bundle, Queen Nasira looks on in disdain.


The Dwarf Queens.


Her diplomatic daughters.


Her replacements.


Many families are elated for their daughters to be chosen as Dwarf Queens but the girls will soon learn what a vicious life a queen-to-be lives and that in the end, there can only be one. But one is all Queen Nasira needs.


A babe has already caught her eye and if she made the right moves, she could be the key to saving them both.


  The Dwarf Queens


The life of a Dwarf Queen is plagued with death. The Royal Jelly that’s meant to make them stronger, smarter and taller, is the same substance that can shut down your system without warning and leave you lifeless.


Ten Dwarf Queens have gone into the castle…six came out.


With the scrutinizing judgement of The People, a cold and unloving Queen Mother who despises them and the looming fate of having to face off with each other for the crown hanging in the balance, can their bond of sisterhood save them despite their differences or will the voices of others breeding insecurities and fear bring them to bloodshed?


Can Royal Jelly be thicker than blood? or could the spoils of being Queen Bee be too enticing to ignore?


Judged for who you are. Betrayed by those you love. Trapped by a title you’re forced to claim.


Warning! This book contains child death.

Royal Jelly (ebook)