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A Magical Circus. A Massacre. An All Consuming Entity




The runaway Dwarf Queen, Zemira, has found asylum amongst the magical Lost Souls Circus troupe. They’ve taken her in as one of their own, and although the mysterious and ancient Ringmaster says that she isn’t ready to become a Lost Soul, they train her and let her come along on their performances. 

Magic users mysteriously keep finding their way to the hidden Lost Souls camp, but other than that, Zemira has never felt more at home. 

She meets the stern but charming prince of Zaphyre, Prince Kuruk, and life has never felt more bright. But while she’s traveling the world and performing with the Lost Souls like she’s always dreamed of, trouble is brewing on the horizon. The guilt from running away and leaving her sister behind in Hivena eats her alive at night. Tensions between subjects, nobles, and magic users continue to grow each day, and she must figure out how to stop the war that’s emerging before it’s too late. Before the long standing secret society, The People, encourage the massacre of magic users and subjects in the streets for a dark entity that might consume them all. 

Queen of Lost Souls (Ebook)

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