In a world where everyone must be birthed through the womb of a woman we must be birthed back into death the same way. Through the Kalabhiti, the Mother of Death, but Mallory is tired of carrying this responsibility and is ready for a new Kalabhiti.



    Khalida has disturbing nightmares about the same woman, Mallory, and upon awakening from these nightmares a haunting melody plays that only she can hear. One night Mallory pleads for her help by asking her to follow the music. It takes her on a soul-stirring journey where she’s kidnapped by a corrupt mental institution where doctors take pleasure in mental experimentation, is led to a hidden temple at the bottom of the sea that harbors a gifted people and goes on the run to confront an eerie beast that guards the source of the song…the Soul of the Universe. 


Through all her turmoil and heartache, Khalida is ready for the journey to be over but she’s made it this far and has made a commitment. She must hurry, the Kalabhiti is waiting and with each passing moment is another moment of her suffering. 



Godless ( Ebook Version)