Creative Genius in Progress



You are born with the infinite capacity to become a Creative Genius. We all are, but after generations of living in societies and families that don’t know how to nurture the creative genius’ within us, we have become jaded and blocked from accessing this divine and intuitive part of ourselves; but re-learning how to cultivate and unleash this buried trait is not lost!


Creative Genius in Progress is a masterfully curated guide into the depths of


  • What a Creative Genius is
  • The 4 ways to nurture and exercise your creativity
  • The 6 attributes you must develop to be a Creative Genius
  • How to build your creative confidence and so much more!


There is intelligence and memory in our bodies, and we are coming upon an age where people are being awakened to their extraordinary capabilities and the exceptional being that lies within. The road to getting back to our natural state of creativity, authenticity and originality may be tough, but it’s far from impossible. As we learn to fortify ourselves into beings that have the strength to excel and conquer, falling back into alignment of our creative potential will be effortless. It’s about the journey and who you become during the journey, and it’s time for yours to begin.


 Unleash your Creative Genius!

Creative Genius in Progress (Ebook version)