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5 ways to soothe seasonal blues

Winter has come, and if you're anything like me, along with the cold weather and change of routine can come some depressive symptoms, lack of motivation, and a dash of self pity.


Having your mood change and drop around the colder months is actually very common. It's scientifically proven that with the lack of sun we can miss out on our essential daily dose of vitamin D. The cold makes our bodies physically tighten, contract, and pinch to stay warm and our usual fun in the sun activities are harder and less enjoyable to do depending on where you live.

That's why it's extremely important to practice self care and show yourself some extra love and attention around winter time.

Have no fear Honeybuns!

Here is a list of 5 activities you can do to combat the dreary seasonal blues and keep your mental and emotional health in tip top shape:

1. Let the light in!

Let as much light as you can into your home. The sun may not be as prominent but it's not gone! Letting that light in will help boost your spirits and give you a dose of sunshine.

2. Stay Warm inside and out!

Do more than just your usual "Bring out the winter clothes!" Take the time out to put your favorite big blanket in the dryer and snuggle up for a midday nap or evening movie date. Find the joys in making yourself a hot mug of herbal tea or coco with marshmallows. Sit by the fireplace or take a nice hot bath with candles before bed (Here's a video for 4 bath potion recipes you can try for amazing supple skin!). Eat seasonal hearty soups and fluffy warm breads.

Winter is essentially a time for rest. Learn to find the enchantment in the little seasonal things you can do to take care of yourself.

3. Keep up your exercise!

Maintain an exercise regime even if thats just stretching in the morning and then again before bed. (Or my personal favorite) finding some free cardio and dance workout videos on youtube. Maintaining some form of exercise releases happy chemicals in your body, allowing you to keep your mood and energy lifted.

(Actual footage of me working out at home. Yes I'm built like Mike Wizowsky, what of it?)

4. Journal!

Having an outlet to express your thoughts and feelings is all apart of having a well-balanced mental and emotional lifestyle.

It brings about clarity, release, and contemplation and all of those things can help in building your mental and emotional strength through tough winters.

5. Snuggle up with a good book!

Find a quiet solo activity that you enjoy. Whether thats knitting, coloring, puzzles, etc. Having something to do that you can focus and concentrate on is a form of meditation.

It's also enjoyable and healing to cuddle up to a really good book. We even have some on the site you can choose from! If you're looking for a good winter read check out my popular book Royal Jelly!


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